Overwhelmed by Hope and Change

As of Tuesday, November 4, 2008 the country has been in an uproar. And with good reason.

I would have loved to blog the second the news were announced and president-elect Barack Obama made his acceptance speech in Chicago but the moment and the days that have followed have been overwhelming.
By now you have probably read or heard about everything that has surfaced online, on TV and in print in reference to Obama’s victory. Already you can see how much this man has galvanized the country into caring and becoming proactive in whatever their realm of interest or expertise is.
PR blogs are talking about how Obama won the election – in a nutshell, besides being a talented orator that could speak to the issues and appeal to the intellect of the many that inhabit and want to see change in this nation, he reached out to first-time voters via the new platforms and media which they use to share ideas and communicate about themselves to peers all over the world. In Obama’s words, these voted “rejected the myth of their generation’s apathy” and it was mainly David Plouffe and the team behind his brilliant campaign that helped to make that happen. The strategies behind the Obama victory will be the topic of many books, blogs and studies for years to come.
The account of Obama’s victory on picture blogs and sites is quite touching. I am a very visual person – seeing Obama speak at Grant Park was incredibly moving, every second of it was history in the making and with every word he was changing the world. As I watch pictures of the campaign trail and Election Day, I can literally SEE just how much strength and purpose is guiding this man and will continue to do so over the years of his term in office.
Mentions of Obama are ubiquitous. On the BET Hip Hop Awards Salt n’ Peppa dedicated “Whatta Man” to him and Michelle Obama – they even changed the lyrics and made the song an all-around endorsement. The Daily Show and Colbert Report have already begun to follow the transition as it takes place in a swift and smooth manner. People have uploaded YouTube videos to extend their congratualations, express their hope and share footage of the celebrations that took place around the many corners of the world Bloggers are taking a look back at the campaign and forward at what Obama will bring to their particular spheres of interest. Internatioanl newspapers have printed articles praising the events of Election Day. There is word of hope on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace … my feeds have gone wild…
It all sums up to this – with his campaign and now with his election, Obama successfully managed to transcend every aspect of people’s lives. And the key to everything is that it happened with our full consent – he resonates with people in a way that is quite unprecedented and the levels of excitement and people’s willingness to continue to be spoken to and be proactive in return couldn’t be higher.

Leading social media experts and the general public alike are anxious to see how the initiatives of Obama’s campaign translate into new public offices dedicated to keep the links of communication between the administration and the people open. Obama’s victory will bring change the White House that goes beyond the usal to-dos that president’s must deal with. I think that the power of the people will truly see itself harnessed and put to efficient, effective use… and the thrill of living in these times is nearly beyond what I can handle.

Here’s to HOPE!


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