Today I tried TweetDeck and went back to Twhirling almost immediately. I could tell right off the bat that the simplicity and basic functions of Twhirl were less threatening to my productivity at work and life in general, thus I opted to opt right out of Tweedeck (no offense).

My feed gets a massive dose of blogs daily that talk about the latest applications, sites, updates and online tools available to all web users, which as of last week include even my grandmother in Quito, Ecuador, the unchallenged epitome of the phrase “out of the loop”… or so I thought. And yet I don’t see many blogs that talk about us – the web users. It seems to me that we have arrived at a new phase of human evolution. We have adapted in order to use the resources available to us but with a new twist – we also happen to be the creators of these new resources. We have changed the very ecosystem we live in and slowly but surely, by general consensus we have made things like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google search, Digging, bookmarking, sharing, etc. essential to our personal and professional functions.

We have posed ourselves with the challenge of evolving and we are all doing so. Ask my grandma.

Things like Twitter, Google, etc. are almost second nature to my generation and it looks like it’s only a matter of time and further evolution until they are concepts that are innately familiar to us.

The interesting thing is that many – or should I say ALL – of these sites are in constant evolution as well. They adapt according to our needs and then we tweak them in return. It’s the best vicious circle I’ve ever known of and have had the chance to get sucked into.

What about survival of the fittest? Am I out because I can’t Tweetdeck? Do my blog and Facebook profile keep me in the game? The beauty of it all is that collaboration and participation still have degrees. But we certainly need to react to the fact that the web is evolving the world as the world evolves the web. Our institutions need to adapt as do our industries and ourselves.

How fast? In which way? … that is the evolving dilemma.


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