Hitting the social media ground running

I believe it’s the way to go.

Today, Sean Wood, media specialist for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising, and I made a presentation about social media to our company’s PR team and a few other co-workers who are interested in hearing what we had to, humbly, say about what is quickly developing and changing our industry.

We discussed making connections, networking, participating, experimenting, applications, opportunities, challenges, privacy, commenting and whether or not to let the doors of two-way communication swing wide open, which our very own account executive and publications manager, Melanie Thompson, blogged about today as well. The question is – what now?

Now we hit the ground running. With research under our belts, knowledge about who we want to reach out to, who we want to serve and once we sit down to discuss what we want to accomplish initially and the strategies that will get us there… we are going to, in the words of Sean himself, “unleash the beast within.”

Much like all other aspects of life, planning is necessary, strategy is required, tactics are a must, however, at the end of the day, all the planning in the world isn’t enough to do away with the unknown that lurks around every corner. The best we can do is make sure that we are ready to not only face it but make friends with it. As I mentioned in my previous post – the key is evolving. And not only is it key, it’s what makes this fun.

*Follow Sean, Melanie and KGBTexas on Twitter.


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