Google gets you to direct mail yourself

I just saw this on Life Hacker (catching up with my feed) and thought that it was both cool and brilliant. For the price of an envelope and a stamp, you can get stickers for your keyboard and become a Gmail keyboard-shortcut wiz. And if you’re not already using Gmail, it might be time for you to start to. Anyone who can bring stickers back has the right idea. And anyone who can get you to direct mail yourself gets props.

I used to think I was cool when I was the only one of my grade school friends that knew that the F12 key would bring up the “save as” window on Word. Clearly we all have to step our game up. My expectations for gift bag goodies from conferences are a bit higher after today. Just the other day Jeremiah Owyang (couldn’t find the particular tweet again) tweeted that he wouldn’t be surprised if mini laptops soon became party favors at big conferences. Logo pens won’t cut it next to stickers or lap tops or yo-yos – I’ll still go for the occasional yo-yo.


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