Why I love the Grammy Awards

The two things I love most about the Grammys just happen to be what are quickly becoming my favorite words and the paradigm of our society – remix and collaboration.

Call me superficial but what I pay attention to the most every time I watch the Grammys are the performances. The list of winners often confuses me and leaves me standing in square one in terms of trying to figure out the direction in which the music industry is headed. The most I can ever say in reaction to someone receiving an award is, “Oh yeah, that was a good song.” The performances, however, now those are truly indicative of the age we live in.

We live in an age where Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo can get up on stage and rock out with Motown.

We live in an age where Kanye West can remix “Paper Planes” within just a few weeks of its release and join with the likes of Jay Z, T.I. and Lil’ Wayne to make a new, original song. I know it’s rap but I know Larry Lessing is smiling right now.

We live in an age where Robert Plant can ditch Lep Zepellin, be completely out-of-the-box and win a Grammy.

And, as much as it pains me… we live in an age where the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder can perform together, thus defying the definition of demographics (Alliteration). If my grandma and my 13 year-old cousin would have been in the room with me they would have both been gushing over their respective generation’s icons. That to me is epic.

On the “fail” side, as much as I was excited to see what other crazy match-ups the Grammy people made happen, I was disappointed to see that, despite the age in which we live, they couldn’t get their act together in the social media sphere. If the presidential inauguration could wrap its head around the millions and millions of people watching online, then the Grammys should have put more effort into reaching out to the legions of music fans out there. Couldn’t they have looked one other blogger at the very least?

That aside, it doesn’t matter if you hate Kanye West, if you love Stevie Wonder, if you don’t know who Ne-Yo is or if you’d rather see Robert Plant rock hard. You have to appreciate something for what it stands for and where it leads in the end.

Think of other things you think the world would be better off without.

Now think of something you couldn’t live without.

How are those things related? Is that relationship symbiotic?

Now go get yourself a Kanye West CD (or at the very least download a song from iTunes).


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