Will online video make us just like The Jetsons?

Remember The Jetsons? Yeah you do. I won’t prolong this then…

I wish I had taken bets back in the day to try to guess which of the futuristic gadgets featured on the show would make it in the real world first.

To be honest, my money would have been on the housekeeper robots.

However, yesterday I caught a tweet about 12seconds.tv, which is basically a video version of Twitter. Brilliant concept. Today I read a post on Mashable about  YouTube adding social networking capabilities. Right on. And minutes before I posted this I learned about Fliggo.

So I was wrong on my Jetsons prediction. And I should have known better. There was no way that cleaning one’s dwelling could ever be more important than communicating with family, friends, peers… people.

I remember when Facebook first came out with its video application. I found it odd to see a freeze frame of an unflattering close-up of someone’s face in my inbox. From the looks of it, it may be my own face on someone else’s inbox pretty soon – all unflattery-looking.

None of this is breaking news. I’ve seen plenty of blogs that post videos but I do wonder just how much this will catch on, in lieu of  the written word and for personal communication. Remember, this post was originally about The Jetsons family and their microcosm.Afterall, video is faster and it may solve the problem, at the receiving end, of not being able to pick up on the sender’s tone, mood, etc. due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.Video, for better or for worse?


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