Real time: I want it all and I want it now

I started to think about writing this post as I was watching the Superbowl and was following (or doing my best to follow) the real-time conversation that was taking place on the [many] Twitter hashtags. Then I REALLY wanted to write this post after watching the Oscars and – more succesfully – following my Twitter friends’ updates and replying to a few of them while contributing to the hashtag with some of my own. The plan was to write about how great real-time conversation on Twitter was but I took too long.


Facebook’s home page will change soon (Says slowpoke over here right? They might have already change it by the time I publish this post!) in an attempt to bring real-time to the mix. Twitter envy much? Sure. But it needs to be done. Things are happening a mile a minute here (probably faster than that) and the challenge is to keep up. Especially if you are the service provider enabling the rest of us to do things faster.

What surprises me is not the fact that Facebook is taking on the concept that has made Twitter so useful and popular. I’m still just amazed at how much faster, efficient (debatable?) and concise we have become. I remember having to sit in on chats about time management during college… I don’t think that’s an issue for anyone anymore. Humans are evolving and not slowly at all – real-time. We live in a world of extremely high expectations.

As far as Facebook goes, I wouldn’t be surprised if desktop clients similar to Twhirl are developed in order to truly make something out of  the fact that Facebook is now running on real-time. However, where I see all of this hitting a threshold is in the fact that people (me at least, I think) will not begin to befriend others on Facebook just so that they can get them on real-time. So this all won’t replace Twitter.

Twitter is perfect for what it accomplishes because it doesn’t revolve around your profile, your pictures… it runs on 160 character bios, a picture and 140 character updates and that simplicity is what allows its users to exist and keep up (barely) even though it moves at an incredibly fast real-time rate.

Must. Press. Publish. Button. Before. Facebook. Beats. Me. To. Another. Punch!

DONE!PS: Do I own Queen money for that line on my post title?* Fingers crossed for a “NO” *


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