One last narcissistic post about narcissism

Last night Stephen Colbert (who else?) devoted a big chunk of his show to narcissism in America.A friend once told me that writing is one of the most narcissistic professions, hobbies… things to do in the world and I agreed wholeheartedly. I still do. And today at work I mentioned to my co-worker that everyone and their moms have a blog now, maybe even two or three.

So, seeing as how I’m a part of the legions that blog, tweet and do everything in between… I hereby pledge that I will do so to the best of my ability, that I will try to not be self indulgent and that I will write only to add to the dialogue, whatever it may be. *

Mission statements. They are pretty important and it makes sense to have one.Oh! I also pledge to be only human. But anyone and everyone is welcome to keep me in check. My comments are unmoderated.

In his book “Here Comes Everybody” Clay Shirky says that we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that just because something is published online and is “out there” it was written for us and we can pass judgement if we feel it hasn’t been tailored properly or written well. He says we should think of some blogs, twitter feeds, etc. as the new journals – meant to be read only by friends of the author or the author alone.

But if someone happens to find me it’s probably because they searched Google for something specific or because a link led them here. If that’s the case, then I better be relevant and by God I better write well. What kind of narcissistic wench would I be if I didn’t think or care, at least to some extent, about what happens after I hit that “PUBLISH” button?They say content is king but I think it should actually be the peasant that serves the audience, which is in fact its king.


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