Eat a healthy diet. And that goes double for your RSS feed.

Oh hey!I just read an article on BusinessWeek about eating a healthy diet to live a longer life.

Those with the best diets reduced their risk of death by up to 25 percent over a 10-year follow-up, said study author Ashima Kant, a professor of nutrition at Queens College of the City University of New York.

And this goes double for your RSS feed.I ‘m probably not alone in wishing I could read every interesting blog post out there.  There are several great chefs [bloggers] doing a great job serving up just the kind of stuff I love to eat [posts] at their restaurants [blogs]. When I have the time to dig into everything it’s truly an indulging experience. But time… ay, there’s the rub.I am getting better at organizing my Google Reader feeds into folders and – – please bear with the extended metaphor here – – I have noticed that I have developed a habit of visiting a few of the same restaurants with more frequency than others. So it appears that I’m at a point where I have figured out exactly what parts of my body I want to bulk up and what types of food I should be eating.If you struggle with getting through your entire RSS feed every day consider cutting down on some of the things you are consuming simply because there might be an overlap there somewhere and you don’t want to miss it. Subscribe to blogs that are as well-rounded as you are and to others that focus on the one or two topics you are most interested and immersed in. The well-rounded blogs will most likely include some of the ingredients from other blogs you don’t feed off from on a regular basis but would still like to at least every once in a while. The blogs you subscribe to that are more focused and narrow are your source of protein and they will do the best job of bulking you up.The more you know yourself, the better you can tailor your diet plan. And the better you do that, the longer you will live – – the more time you’ll have to write your own blog, to start commenting on other blogs and adding value to the conversation.On a last note, I highly recommend Twitter as a great sampler appetizer. Although Twitter has not replaced my RSS feed it does make for a great menu. At restaurants, I usually order whatever item has a picture on the menu (I’m a visual person) and, likewise, good link-baiting on Twitter does wonders in getting me to try new dishes – some that will get me to subscribe and come back for more and others that will at least get a recommendation [retweet] out of me.So, what do you like to eat?PS: I just set up my own domain and I’m still working out kinks. Next up will be my blogroll. Feel free to try out some of the food there! (It’s really biased right now… FYI)Photo by evilpeacock


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