Have social and digital media changed the internal structure of your organization? ——- If so, let me know

It is here.

My first big project of my first semester as a public relations graduate student is here and I’m excited to dive right into it. The only problem is I need your help.I will be conducting a single case study research on the topic of digital media and organization management. Specifically, I would like to study an organization that has seen its internal organizational structure change due to the addition of social and digital media-related functions to the organization’s communication department.

  • Have organizational hierarchies shifted?
  • Has the managerial role of the top communicator changed due to the new technical skills he or she is required to have for the job?
  • Have technically adept professionals (web developers, Twitterers, social networking experts, etc.) been hired to take on the new digital media functions?
  • Do internal communications take place using new media (Twitter, Yammer, Facebook, Mobile, Wikis, Forums, etc.)?

This is me brainstorming research questions to warm up before I get started, but if you know of (or you are!) an organization that is using social and digital media, particularly in the communications or public relations function, please email me at anarvaez [at] umd [dot] edu or send me a tweet @andinarvaez. I would love to find out more about your organization and the changes taking place within.Thank you in advance!Photo credit: Mark Rauterkus3dphb5ri8m


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