Google Is Lucky To Have Social Media

Whether launching right around Valentine’s Day was part of Google’s strategy for Google Buzz remains an unanswered question; however, after turning Google Buzz back on to see its progress, I caught two “buzzes” (is that what we’re calling them?) that made me post an update to my followers:

If there is something this whole Google Buzz episode has taught us, it is that the community of early adapters that is connected by social media REALLY wants to see things improve and move forward for everyone . Whether or not they will use this product themselves is irrelevant… someone else might find that it’s the perfect fit and that is reason enough.

Lots of respect.

Check out the Google Buzz update by Steve Rubel ( @steverubel ) and the extensive thread of comments  and this collection of the best suggestions for Google Buzz from Doriano Carta ( @paisano ). Please consider leaving comments on both of these posts so that their authors can relay your suggestions for how to improve Google Buzz over to Google.Social media skeptics, this is what it’s is all about.

Google, you guys are lucky social media folks have a lot of love to give. Though you tend to be consistently top notch and you have the resources and the talent to create products to help advance communications and society, you must not take our love for granted… or it will be off with your heads (shameless plug, I really want to see that movie when it comes out March 5th).

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