I’m making my students work for you!

This week I’m teaching my COMM 107 students all about social media . Well, as much as I can teach them in such limited time. Check out the presentation I built using Prezi (posted below).Just as I was racking my brain for a social media-related homework assignment that would help my students see the same light I saw about two years ago thanks to my teacher, Vidya Ananthanarayanan (@mapetite) … I get a DM from @MikeSchafer :)I’m having my students (who are GREAT writers) write short case studies to illustrate how social media humanizes brands and makes them part of the same communication process and the conversations that everyday individuals, like you and I, engage in. They will write these posts in groups (I’m trying to get them to use Google Docs or some other site to collaborate on papers in real time 🙂 ) Each group will pick a brand, company, music artist/band, television show, service, organization, etc. and find:

  • The brand’s social media profiles
  • Mobile applications associated with the brand
  • Three blog posts that mention the brand
  • Three tweets that mention the brand
  • Three examples of multimedia content (audio, video, or images) featuring or mentioning the brand

Finally, each group will write a short discussion based on this evidence.

Here is where YOU come in!

I’d like to offer my students the opportunity to publish their work as guest posts (idea, courtesy of @MikeSchaffer). If you have a blog where you write about social media, will you let me know?On April 4th I will post abstracts of my students’ posts on my blog. I’ll share them with the hope that you’ll be interested in publishing any one of those on your blog. The authors of every case study that gets selected for online publication will earn 2 extra credit points on their FINAL course grade. My students fates are in your hands! (Like how I just passed that on to you? Haha!) Please share this with your fellow social media bloggers :)Thank you! See you here on April 4th!


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