Help my students make the grade! Vote for your favorite social media case studies and possible future guests posts

Albeit a few days later than I had originally announced due to a few changes to the syllabus, my students have turned in some great social media case studies. But don’t take my word for it!Each group picked a brand and wrote a case study that illustrates how social media humanizes brands and helps them be a part of the same communication process and the conversations that everyday individuals, like you and I, engage in.

Please check out their brief abstracts below and vote for your favorites! The authors of every case study that earns at least three votes will earn 2 extra credit points on their FINAL course grade. My students’ fates are in your hands!

Let me know if you LOVE an abstract and wish to publish the full post on your blog. The full case studies are archived under the “social media case study” category on the COMM 2301 and COMM 2901 class blogs. Thanks for contributing to my students’ education! Don’t you love molding minds?

Now for the good stuff:

The Miley Cyrus brand

Brand name is a powerful tool and the more recognizable it is, the more success it has. This is especially true for entertainers like Miley Cyrus. Miley is a product of the Internet generation and her brand marketing reflects this. Her use of social media brings the Miley Cyrus name alive to anyone with a computer. She connects with fans on a personal level and interacts the way a friend would online, thus humanizing her brand in a real way.

Pepsi: Rockin’ it new school

Pepsi has emerged as one of the most successful international food brands. Our college acts as an example of this prominence, boasting to be “a Pepsi campus”. Taking full advantage of social media outlets to promote their brand, Pepsi has been able to promote themselves to a larger audience. Networks, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile applications are able to provide information and advertisements that would otherwise not be accessible to our “on the go” society.

The King and you

It seems like every marketing tactic we see today is exactly the same. Other companies advertise products in mundane ways that have already been used a myriad of times. Burger King though has broken away from this strict routine. Anybody who has seen a Burger King commercial can agree that they are all odd in every way possible, yet each one leaves a distinct effect about the brand on the viewer.

Starbucks: Creating a bolder world

Since Starbucks’ appearance on the coffeehouse scene in dreary Seattle in 1971, they have become a coffee powerhouse, now owning over 16,000 stores worldwide.  While much has changed since Starbucks’ humble beginnings, the company has adapted to these social changes with ease.  So how has Starbucks controlled the coffee industry for so long?  Their success can be attributed to their capability to change with the times, to incorporate their name and logo into today’s social media age.

Bieber Fever

What is it that has teenage girls, some grown men, and menopausal women going crazy? Is it a new Apple release? No! It’s the new teenage sensation Justin Bieber. The 16-year old who makes Miley Cyrus look like a thing of the past. From his innocent and playful singing voice, to the side sweeping hairstyle that you can’t help but to love Bieber is slowly taking over the technological world. Having various media outlets for fans to reach him Bieber is never far from the public eye.  Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, it’s Bieber TIME!

Ben & Jerry’s: Happiness in a cone

Chewy. Gooey. Sweet, and cold– what more could you ask for? Ben & Jerry’s offers a one-of-a-kind ice-cream experience. And thanks to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, mobile applications, and much more, you can figure out where to grab that cone of Cherry Garcia, learn of Ben and Jerry’s philanthropic activism, never miss a Free Cone Day, and even discover a new flavor and its nutritional information! Get the best treats from Ben & Jerry’s tweets.

Think Verizon, Think big

Can you hear me now? Good.” The infamous communication network, Verizon is a company that provides home phone, cable, internet, and cellular phone services for millions around the world. Verizon has been successful in reaching its customers through various forms of social media. With over 872,848 fans following Verizon on Facebook to daily conversations regarding their products and services on networks such as Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr, Verizon has become incorporated into people’s everyday lives.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

The Mexican food frenzy that has swept the nation began with a man, an idea, and a promise for food with integrity. Establishing itself as a cultural phenomenon, Chipotle Mexican Grill has become integrated into every aspect of society, from online ordering, to blogging, to even the celebration of holidays, all with the help of social media and smart marketing. Keeping the spirit of the burrito alive, Chipotle is sure to make your mouth water.


Ladies, can you honestly say that you woke up looking this gorgeous?  And come on guys, we know you didn’t smell this good after that 6 am workout.  Sephora is a brand that reaches out to both men and women, to improve their appearance and boost all levels of self-confidence.  I mean, who doesn’t feel sexy when wearing the latest scent from Vera Wang or those insanely bright OPI nail polishes that make you visible from a mile away.  Sephora reaches out through multiple channels to customers, which allows it to be not only user friendly, but accessible from almost anywhere.

Rita’s Italian Ice

A presence in social media is no longer an option; it is an obligation. Rita’s Italian Ice uses different social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to reach its customers in a variety of ways.  Through its use of social media, Rita’s has humanized itself, allowing the company to communicate with individual customers in a friendly and engaging way.  Rita’s solid foundation in social media is a critical component of its successful business model.


As technology has leaped forward over the past decade and social media has become part of everyday life, McDonalds has stayed on the cutting edge of technology. By harnessing the power of the internet and social networking sites McDonalds is able to address concerns, take suggestions, and create a more personal relationship with its customers.  The phrase “I’m lovin’ It” no longer applies just to the food it serves, but to the way McDonald’s is reaching out to its customers.


Doritos is a company that has been established since 1964. Although the 60s seems so long ago the Doritos incorporation stays up to date with the time eras and their consumers through social media. The blogging, social sites, and multimedia allows them to keep their consumers informed with their products why also getting their feedbacks and some new idea. Social media has become more than just advertising, it’s a source and way of communication.


BioWare is a developer and publisher of video games. Since 1995, the company has developed many popular titles. In particular, Dragon Age: Origins and the Mass Effect series are two recent role-playing game (RPG) titles that are widely popular among gamers. Alike other major digital entertainment companies, BioWare has branched onto social media networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) in order to further reach their fans on another channel, outside of the games.


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