My #BlogHer10 Swag Bag Epiphany

Yesterday I got up at 6:30am (an ungodly hour for me) in order to make it to the first day of BlogHer’s 6th Annual Conference in New York. I have met and had great conversations with many of the women here and picked up some great tid bits of knowledge from the sessions, but I honestly don’t think I could summarize or try to encompass all of it in one post.  In lieu of that, I grabbed links to useful BlogHer ’10 resources and the live blogs.But my job is not done. My big BlogHer epiphany came to me late at night when I was showing my friend my RIDONCKULOUS (sp?) bag of swag.

At registration, everyone at the conference got an environmentally-friendly @Gettington bag (one of my favorite sponsors, by the way) filled with goodies. Normally I would bury my head inside and go through everything to see what new things I had, but I didn’t because there were just too many things in there.After breakfast my plan was to sit down with my laptop somewhere but my breakfast buddy, a two-time conference attendee, led the way to the expo space and crazyness ensued. We didn’t get in right away because the space didn’t open until 10am, but as soon as we did I learned why all the attendees were so eager to burst through the doors…..Now, this is just an approximation, but there were a SHIT TON of brands and booths at the expo. And they all had the coolest swag to give away, lots of great prize drawings, decked-out booths, and things to keep everyone entertained and very happy for hours. There were brands there that I wouldn’t have immediately linked up with women bloggers, but it simply came down to the fact women are THE decision-makers. Admit it, dudes.At one point I saw a woman carrying three big totes around, but this is not a story about hoarding…  I know she will review her goodies and blog about some of the products and brands. Hence, this epiphany is about just how so very much coveted the female blogger population is.  I’ve read many of the  studies that reveal that women dominate social media, read posts about “mommy blogging” — here is one I really enjoyed, published in 2008…  Insight much? 🙂 — I even wrote a research paper for graduate school about BlogHer! But only in retrospect did it hit me that Texas might want to let women bloggers have the “Don’t Mess With…” tag line.And for any brands that have yet to do their research in order to figure out how to best reach women bloggers or that still think that is not a segment of the blogger population that they need to or should be interested in building relationships with… you are so very wrong. I have now confirmed it.Also… attend BlogHer — you will stand corrected and will be perplexed.

Image credits: Table for Five, BlogHerAugust 7, 2010 5:49pm update: I’m sitting in the Grand Ballroom listening to the closing conference keynote, featuring “Need to Know” PBS anchor Alison Stewart moderating a panel with: Marie Wilson, Founder and President of The White House Project, author and activist Gloria Feldt from Heartfeldt Politics, and P. Simran Sethi, Emmy Award-winning journalist, blogger and environmentalist. The topic of the panel is: “Use your voice, your platform, and your power.” Gloria Feldt just said that she was not prepared for the amount of swag she got at her first BlogHer conference. Her epiphany back then was… “Yes. Women have a voice. Marketers understand that… but do we?” *Gloria hits nail on the head*Check out the closing keynote live blog.


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