My first post and infographic on the revamped blog (OR “How to be a game show contestant”)

One of the very few let downs of my new apartment was my basic cable package, which I found out  does not include Comedy Central, FX, ESPN, E!, or MTV- –There go my daily doses of Daily Show, Colbert Report, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sports, and my absolutely-necessary trash TV shows. Fortunately, the one channel I still have, which *almost* makes up for not having any of the others in my life… The Game Show Network.A few days ago I was watching Family Feud (Richard Dawson kind – a.k.a. the BEST kind!) with a friend and he not-so-jokingly said what 3 of 5 Americans* have said at least once in their life, ”I need to get on a game show and make quick money, FAST. The people on there are TERRIBLE!” And because I’m stuck at home, resting my injured knee, I figured I’d do a little research and an amateur infographic.

Game Shows

Family FeudTo be on Family Feud all you have to do is call, do interviews, and get to the studio. You can also audition during the open casting calls. To win you do have to have some common sense – not necessarily to get the survey questions right, but to anticipate how 100 Americans surveyed answered those questions.Wheel of FortuneTo be on Wheel of Fortune you have to fill out an online application, be of age, you must not have appeared on a show in the past year, and none of your family members can be employed by the parent company or sister game shows. However, unless you break into the studio and rig the wheel, the chances of you winning are a great matter of luck. Your ability to guess consonants in order to guess the phrase does help, but there is nothing that makes you better than the other contestants. Knowing about finances and the stock market doesn’t help you buy the best vowels… Next.The Price is RightThe Price is Right is statistically impossible to appear on. Only nine contestants are selected from an audience of 325 people. This means you have to get tickets, be in Los Angeles, and get picked. Wining seems fairly simple but no one ever walks away with money that’s as good as other shows. Pass.

Catch 21Catch 21 is a relatively new show on GSN hosted by Carlton (a.k.a. Alfonso Ribeiro). To play all you have to do is email, know how Blackjack works, and brush up on your pop culture knowledge. For naming the show after, Catch-22, one of the greatest satirical books of all time, the questions are ridiculous (read, Homer Simpson “doh!”). If you are reading this, you go on, and WHEN you win the $25,000; I demand a 40 percent cut.Who wants to be a MillionaireIt would appear that being a millionaire is easier than guessing product prices, playing Blackjack, answering survey questions, and guessing phrases. All you have to do to be on Millionaire is audition – and there are a few ways to do that. The trick is to then be selected and play. To win, you need to know a little bit of everything à la Slumdog Millionaire or enough to put things together and at various points, make educated guesses.Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?Other than the usual restrictions and the fact that you have to spend a whole week in Hollywood in order to wait out the selection process, all you have to do to be on this show is fill out a seven-page application. If you are selected and you DON’T win… you are dumb and we can’t be friends anymore.Don’t Forget the LyricsApparently this one is coming back with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath as host. My favorite part about the eligibility requirements for this show is the fact that contestant can’t be candidates for public office or run for office within a year of appearing on the show. They must have added this when Blagojevich did the Elvis thing (watch below, you’re welcome). Aspiring contestants ALSO have to send in a video tape of them saying what they would do with $100,000. The people who’ll be supporting them from the audience stands have to make a cameo too. According to, they “must be willing to submit to a background check, as well as medical and psychological exams at the discretion of the producers.” SHEEEESH!!!!!JeopardyOther than the usual restrictions, all you have to do to be on Jeopardy is take on online test, audition, and go through interviews – if you get selected out of the thousands of geniuses who also apply to be on the show. And to win, you have to be more a genius than the other two geniuses.


I don’t really remember where I was going with all of this but I’ve already done quite a lot of research, writing, and the infographic is ready to go. But I will say that I have learned two important things here:

  1. Being a contestant on game shows appears to be a very time-consuming process, but even more time-consuming is researching how to be a game show contestant.
  2. Not all blog posts have to useful or insightful. Sometimes, they are a great way to pass time while your injured knee rests on a chair and to acquire useless knowledge that might later come in handy… in a game show situation, for example.

*Not a real study.


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