The tools I need to function

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from spending the holidays with my family in Ecuador. I was there for a whole month (thank you University of Maryland’s long, long winter break) hanging out with my mom, sisters, and my niece and nephew – who rock, by the way. I caught up on sleep and put in some holiday work.But really, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been back to life as I used to know it. Over the break I realized how anxious I was to go back to being myself after tearing my ACL in a freak soccer accident back in August. For about a month, I carried on as usual. Since I didn’t have a ligament I literally had nothing to “loose” (Hah! Still got it). So I strapped on my knee brace and did my thing – I even karaoked (Figure A) and put on a fundraiser (Figure B).

But on October 8, 2010 I underwent a surgical procedure I wasn’t ready for. Young and naïve as I am, I was 100 percent sure that it would take three weeks (See? I didn’t even give myself a month) to get over the pain, lose the crutches, and go back to kicking ass and things.I was 150 percent wrong.

Not being able to function physically led to mental and emotional suckyness. I stopped going out (that counts limited commuting, running errands, and no social life), I had to skip classes, I struggled to teach my own class, I stopped blogging (but you already knew that), I gave up on a lot of my hobbies, and everything felt inadequate because I felt inadequate.In strangely related news, when my contract with AT&T ended late last year, I decided to switch to Verizon and get a Droid X. Only 10 days went by before I went crawling back to AT&T to get my iPhone back. There ain’t nothing like the iPhone.Maybe I’m weaker than others. Maybe I’m not the early adapter I thought I was. The truth is I can’t work without the right tools. I need my knee and I need my iPhone, among a few other things. But while the iPhone was simple enough to get back, my knee has just a few more months to reach full recovery. But if I’m blogging again, you know it’s because I’m going up and down stairs like a boss again, speed walking, and – I don’t want to show off – but these days I’ve been sitting in lotus position.What tools do you need to function? Do you take some more for granted than others?


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