Responding to Crises in 140 Characters [Call for Interviewees]

We all make mistakes. And especially since Twitter came along, I make a LOT of mistakes. I’ve sent public tweets that were meant to be DMs. I’ve misspelled some words. I’ve forgotten to send a link with a tweet. Luckily, my community of followers and followees has been kind to me and has helped me remember that we’re all human.However, despite how much we say that social media has humanized brands, it seems that when brands tweet we tend to be less forgiving when they make mistakes. Certain Twitter blunders have caused uproars of relative magnitude, which leads me to my current investigation – responding to social media crises in 140 characters.

I’m searching for at least 10 crisis managers and public relations professionals who can speak with me for 30-45 minutes about recent crises caused by rogue Tweets sent from corporate Twitter accounts, and discuss their thoughts on how the organization experiencing the crisis responded in 140 characters.If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in participating in the study, please let me know. You can send a tweet to @andinarvaez or email me at andinarvaez [at] gmail [dot] com. Please help me spread the word by tweeting:

Are you a crisis manager or PR pro? Help @andinarvaez with her study RE: responding to crisis in 140 characters

Thank you! Be sure to check back here to read about the results.

UPDATE: The results of my study!


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