Whatever happened to surveys as part of the PR professional’s toolbox?

During this week’s #pr20chat, Justin Goldsborough (@JGoldsborough) asked how PR professionals can best identify and cater to the needs of their target audience. My response was something only a current public relations graduate student, fresh out of taking her comprehensive written and oral examinations and, appropriately trained in methods by her we-mean-business-when-we-say-research university would respond…and that response led to a comment by @JGoldsborough who shared that the practice of conducting surveys is not one that PR professionals employ as frequently as they should. After all, if the public is at the heart of public relations, why wouldn’t we ask them how they feel about certain issues that involve our organizations, clients, industry, and even current events that directly or indirectly affect us and them?

Read the full post on Shonali Burke’s Waxing Unlyrical


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