Twitter advice from @50cent [#CasualFriday]

A few days ago I stumbled upon this tweet on my Twitter feed:

To @50cent: Why no follow?

@50cent Reply: Yo, you got egg in your picture.

Some sound advice delivered in the words of @50cent. Make sure your Twitter profile picture is of something that is not the “Twitter egg,” random graphics, or a part of your body that is not your face. People will feel more comfortable following you and interacting with you. As open as our social media communities and networks seem to be becoming, the basic tenets of trust still apply.What are other ways we can inspire trust in people who are meeting us for the first time via a social network? Here are some items, what would you add?

  • Actual profile picture
  • Name and lastname
  • Basic info
  • Links to other sites related to our personal or professional identities
  • Using a trusted or known platform to tweet and share content
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Geo-tagged data

Is it important to include these items in our public social networking profiles or are we overexposing ourselves and walking right into the lion’s den?


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