#TheHobbit will be the first movie I will follow from inception. Thank you Web 2.0.

Literally right after watching my brand-new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows DVD, I looked through my GoogleReader and came upon a very pleasant surprise. Peter Jackson, who very famously directed “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, released the first video blog from the set of “The Hobbit.” My reactions unfolded as follows:

  • Squeal whilst opening link.
  • Click “Play” button.
  • Disappointment / excitement about the fact that it was 10 minutes long
  • Thoughts about Peter Jackson losing all that weight.
  • “Two to three years?!?!”
  • Disappointment about 3-Dness of movie. Immediate excitement after realizing that Peter Jackson wouldn’t do it in 3-D unless it turns out amazing. Unlike “Alice and Wonderland.”
  • Swords!
  • More squeals.
  • Gandaaaalf!
  • Anticipation and nostalgia.
  • “Oh man, I can’t wait. I’m SO staying tuned into all the pre-production and behind-the-scene stuff… because I want to AND because I CAN.”

Not too long ago, only actors and staff were privvy to behind-the-scenes action but these days even us non-VIP peasants are getting access to content that makes us feel even closer to the things we know to and love. Many movies, brands, organizations, etc. have become very gratifying online experiences (and many more still have the potential to do so), and if executed properly, they have can turn into very gratifying offline experiences that not just make the bottom line happy, but leave consumers very satisfied as well.Will Jackson’s video and blog posts make a difference in terms of whether or not I’ll watch the movie? Not really. I always planned to. But will it make a difference in terms of how much I will enjoy it? You bet. In a way it will feel as though the movie is not just Jackson’s baby, but mine as well because I saw it come to life. Marketers, take note. 


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