How to Leverage Social Media to Enhance Everyday PR Activities

pr-social-mediaLast week I had the opportunity to lead a peer training session at our agency where we discussed, what you will come to realize is one of my favorite things – social media.

This was especially significant for me because for one, it’s only been four months since I started working at Lois Paul & Partners and our agency’s culture of creating opportunities for co-workers to learn from each other manifested itself in yet another way. As a new employee, I was very honored to be asked to develop this training session.

The session was a reason for me to talk about social media and share the many joys it brings to my professional career, including the ability to develop better relationships with brilliant journalists and bloggers, and to help our clients build communities and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways.

Though there is a lot to cover when it comes to social media and public relations, this particular session focused on how PR professionals can leverage social media to enhance the things we do every day. I covered some of the most popular social networks and tools we should be aware of, given our portfolio of clients in the clean energy, healthcare and technology industries. And to make the presentation as practical as possible, I provided a few tips for each of those networks and sites for both the PR pro and the client.

After our peer training session, the Austin office updated its Twitter profiles, and together with the Boston office, exchanged some best practices. The bonus experience of bonding with my Boston peers was most welcome. I realized yet again how happy I am that I found my true calling in public relations. Social media is broadening our horizons and we will continue to learn about  how it can enhance our core responsibilities.

The peer training presentation is embedded below. I would love to hear from fellow PR pros who are already doing some or all of the things I mention there, as well as hear about new ways people are using social media to boost day-to-day PR activities like media relations and issues management. What do you do to make professional communications always relevant and exciting?


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