Austin’s Tech Scene: A Vintage–wearing Hipster with an Old Soul

6a00d83452b15969e2017ee419aaa7970dThere is no denying that startups and hipsters are “so hot” right now. And while Austin is certainly a trendy city, its roots are far deeper than they seem to go when it comes to tech.

Austin is home to many of our clients including CleanFUEL USA, LANDesk, Lumension, National Instruments, RADVISION (Avaya), Scuderi Group and Skyonic. Moreover, the city’s tech core (pun intended) is comprised of chip makers like Freescale (one of my agency’s clients), Samsung, AMD and 3M. You may have heard thatSamsung said it would invest $3-4 billion to make chips for mobile devices in Austin, and that the company is in talks to double its $13 billion investment in the city. High tech dollar bills, y’all.

Tech and Austin go together like grandma’s secret recipe salsa and breakfast tacos.

It should not come as a surprise that the city’s rich tech tradition both attracts and continues to educate creative and talented tech entrepreneurs, leading to the perfect storm raining tech startups. If you’ve ever attended (or heard of) SXSW InteractiveAustin Startup Week, or any tech community event, you know what I’m talking about – thousands upon thousands of people gathered to talk and do something about digital innovation.

These are only a few of the reasons why USA Today named Austin to its list of top ten cities for technology startups, and why my agency, Lois Paul and Partners, has an office right in the center of it all. We live and breathe the tech (and pollen) that’s in the air.


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